Cialis 20mg

Cialis 20mg

Cialis 20mg is the erection pill working 36 hours long because of Tadalafil Citrate found on the original brand version of Cialis by Eli Lilly. Cialis 20mg is the standard version of both Cialis Brand and Generic Cialis as it is the amount of Tadalafil Citrate found on the original brand version of Cialis initially introduced on the market by Eli Lilly.

Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis is exactly the same as Cialis Brand, but then for a much lower price. Generic Drugs are in general the same as branded drugs, but after the 10 years the patient of pharmaceutical companies expire other Pharma companies introduce generic versions which work exactly the same, but then for a lower price, so also with Cialis and generic cialis! It is up to the consumer to choose the expensive brand-version or go for a cheaper alternative in terms of generic cialis and there are several generic cialis names: tadacip, tadalis, tadora, tadalis SX or simply generic cialis.

Cialis Pharmacy

You can only buy the cheaper generic cialis online as the big Pharma is preventing it from going to the retail pharmacies. However this is not a problem, but a great opportunity to save time, money and use the trusted online pharmacy which we personally use for many years with 100% satisfaction. The name is Pharmacy XL and prices are 75% lower than your standard brick and mortar drugstore.

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